• first degree undergraduate studies
    • in medical biology
    • in biology with pedagogical qualifications
  • second degree postgraduate studies
    • in molecular biology
    • in biology of the environment

Biology as one of the disciplines of the biological sciences is developing rapidly nowdays. It brings new, important discoveries concerning the structure, functioning of the organisms, populations and ecosystems. The development of the biological sciences is connected with the progress of the medical sciences, agricultural sciences and environmental protection. It contributes to the improvement of the process of the medical treatment of people and animals, the methods of growing plants and breeding animals, the application of the techniques in the biochemical and genetic research, the economical application of the microorganisms as well as the improvement of the quality of the natural environment.

The biological study candidate should be interested in the biological sciences, the earth sciences (geology and geography) as well as he should have the good background at the range of the mathematical, physical and chemical sciences.