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  • Physical Education

    • first degree undergraduate studies
      • teaching specialty: volleyball instructor, handball instructor, swimming instructor
    • second degree postgraduate studies
      • teaching specialty: physical activity of seniors, personal trainer, nutrition and supplementation in sport
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    • first degree undergraduate studies – english division
    • second degree postgraduate studies
      • protection of the natural resources
    • third degree – PhD studies
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    The environmental protection is the interdisciplinary field of science using the achievements of many basic sciences especially biology, chemistry, geology and geography. It includes many issues and problems of the wide range of the technical and jurisprudence sciences. The modern conceptions of the environmental protection based on the latest achivements of the research about the environment e.g. ecology, toxicology, the environmental chemistry deteermine the new directions of the balanced development of the civilization in the XXIst century. The environmental protection is the science of the future, it can give a lot of research satisfaction, assure the wide interdisciplinary knowledge and enable the future generations to preserve the most valuable natural qualities of our natural environment.

    The candidate for the environmental protection studies should show the interests in biology, geology, geography and chemistry as well as have the good background at the range of the mathematical and physical sciences.

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  • Biotechnology (from 2010/2011)

    • first degree undergraduate studies
    • second degree postgraduate studies
      • general biotechnology
      • food biotechnology
      • microbioanalytics in biotechnology

    The biotechnology is one of the youngest fields of study in the history of the academic education and is natural respond to the needs of the research personnel for the modern economy. The contemporary development is based on the safe technologies which minimalize the demand for energy and are environmentally friendly.

    Undoubtedly, the effect of the union of the natural and technical sciences which biotechnologies are, is the contemporary proposal which fullfills these requirements.

    The biotechnology field study syllabus gives the students the basis of the natural sciences such as: biology, physics and chemistry as well as the technological sciences (the process engineering) at the level that they will be able to carry out the innovative economical activity independently or in teams.

    The biotechnology undergraduate studies are the didactical offer of the FBS and give the natural possibility to continue them at the second degree studies at the Faculty e.g. biology (the molecular biology) and environmental protection (the biotechnology in environmental protection).

    The biotechnology field study candidates are interested in the acquisition of the modern descriptive language of the biological processes and the possibility of the application of the described phenomena at the technological level.

    The graduates of the biotechnology will be prepared to be employed in the industries: the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the production of the top protection products in the medical laboratories, the sevage treatment plants, the utilization of the waste as well as running their own business activities. 


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  • Biomonitoring and environmental resource management – NEW!

    • first degree undergraduate studies
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  • Biology

    • first degree undergraduate studies
      • in medical biology
      • in biology with pedagogical qualifications
    • second degree postgraduate studies
      • in molecular biology
      • in biology of the environment

    Biology as one of the disciplines of the biological sciences is developing rapidly nowdays. It brings new, important discoveries concerning the structure, functioning of the organisms, populations and ecosystems. The development of the biological sciences is connected with the progress of the medical sciences, agricultural sciences and environmental protection. It contributes to the improvement of the process of the medical treatment of people and animals, the methods of growing plants and breeding animals, the application of the techniques in the biochemical and genetic research, the economical application of the microorganisms as well as the improvement of the quality of the natural environment.

    The biological study candidate should be interested in the biological sciences, the earth sciences (geology and geography) as well as he should have the good background at the range of the mathematical, physical and chemical sciences.


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